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photo by Maite Pons

Juri Kobayashi

stylist & coordinator from Tokyo, based in Berlin.

After studying Media Art in Tokyo and Fashion Design & Styling in Amsterdam, in 2005, Juri started working as an assistant manager in a gallery which belonged to a cutting-edge interior design / lifestyle shop Cibone in Tokyo. At the same time, she joined an annual design fair DesignTide as a starting member, where she stayed working as an organiser, project manager & curator until 2010.

In the end of 2010 she moved to Berlin, where she currently lives with her graphic designer husband.

In 2012, she opened a one-year vintage fashion pop-up store MOGA Berlin in Berlin Mitte, which was specialised in garments from1920-30's. After that,she started working on a reproduction project of vintage dresses from her own collection. In July 2014, she opened an online store Replica. by MOGA Berlin , where she sells her vintage-style garments.

Since 2012, she does styling for Japanese magazines & clients as well as self-initiated projects.

Recently she started working again as a project manager for Japanese companies & Berlin designer, using her 6-year experience as a project manager / event organiser, with the strength of deep insight into Design & Art and cultural differences between Europe & Asia.

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2012年に、"MOGA Berlin"という20年代、30年代のドレスを扱うヴィンテージショップをベルリン・ミッテ地区にオープン。地下のバーという立地を生かし、単なる洋服屋ではなく、20年代をテーマにしたパーティー等を開催し、人が集まるサロン的空間をつくる。1年後、ショップスペースの契約終了に応じ、閉店、その後ヴィンテージドレスの再生プロジェクトを立ち上げる。2014年の7月より自身のオンラインショップ"Replica. by MOGA Berlin"を開店。






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