Hello! Introducing Replica. - A New Project from MOGA Berlin

Hello old friends & new friends!

For those of you who know MOGA Berlin shop in Berlin, I'm very happy to meet you again!

For new friends, MOGA Berlin was a vintage fashion store which was specialized in the 1920's-1930's fashion, and I'm excited to introduce my new project to all of you!

Replica. is a reproduction project of vintage dresses, which is inspired by MOGA Berlin's collection. After some experiences in my shop, I came up with the idea to replicate vintage dresses, because some customers asked me if I have different sizes or colours. Well, of course, I only had vintage pieces, which are all unique, so my answer was always no... and I wished if I could give them their wished sizes & colours. Another reason I started this project is that many of my vintage pieces are nearly 100 years old and need special care. Even I love the design of the dresses, they are more for special occasions only, so I wanted to make them easier to care & more accessible for everyone. 

It took quite a while for me to realise the project, maintaining the pattern, choosing right fabric, building a shop system etc etc... but here I am!

I hope you will like my first product and am looking forward to sharing more stories here with you!