Stories : #2 Kyoka

Beautiful Japanese musician Kyoka from raster-noton is wearing series #1 dress for her portrait shooting!

Kyoka is the first solo female artist who released an album from German electronic music record label raster-noton. This time, we created a little different image for Kyoka, a little retro & classic, without loosing her coolness.

It was a beautiful Autumn day in Berlin. Sylvia captured changing lights in the afternoon beautifully. Miyuki created a cool & strong style for cute Kyoka. And I styled her with my dresses, imagining an elegant Japanese lady, who lived in Tokyo back in the 1930-40's, like women appeared in vintage Shiseido magazines & ads.

Thanks a lot for the lovely team & great work!

model : Kyoka

photography : Sylvia Steinhäuser

hair & make-up : Miyuki Oya

styling : Juri Kobayashi

Mood : Tropical Dream

At the end of summer, a memory of summer.

The autumn arrived Berlin unexpectedly earlier this year, after a hot & humid beautiful summer.

Those are the pictures we took on a hot sunny day in Berlin. The green was deep, shinning and so beautiful. When I saw this jungle like spot in middle of the city, I thought I have to take photos here. It was such a fun shooting! 

Long dresses in the pictures are all series #1 dress. Hopefully it inspires you to get some fun styling ideas with colourful tops & accessories!

Photography : Jakob Mader

Hair & Make-up : Miyuki Oya (BRUNO)

Model : Olga Silkina

Styling : Juri Kobayashi

Editorial : UnderWear Magazine SS14

UnderWear Magazine is a brand-new fashion/culture magazine from Tokyo, which was launched in March 2014.

I'm very honoured to be introduced in their first issue!

The shooting was on an ice-cold winter day and we took all pictures in a beautiful apartment in Kreuzberg, which used to be a workshop, now converted into an apartment by a product designer.  

All dresses shown in the photos are my first samples (those colours are not available...) and all beautiful modern accessories are from Berlin & Tokyo designers (see more details in each picture).

Photography: Lara Alegre

Styling & Outfits: Replica. / MOGA Berlin

Hair & Make-up: Aennikin

Model: Kis (m4 models)

Stories : #1 The Original 1930's Dress

The first dress "series #1" is inspired by this original dress from 1930's.

I found this dress in the USA about 5 years ago. I liked the simplicity of the dress, and especially the way the fabric fits around the waist to the hip and falls gracefully from the hip to the hem.

1930's original dress from MOGA Berlin's vintage dress collection

It was rarely hanged in my shop... because it is a special dress to me. It was one of my wedding dresses! So only this dress, I wanted to keep just for myself.

I've been wearing this dress time to time after the wedding though, since it's not a typical wedding dress, and I realised how comfortable it is to wear. I wanted to wear it almost everyday, though the fabric is silk and isn't really suitable for everyday wash. 

When I decided to do this reproduction project, it was clear for me that this is going to be the first dress I reproduce. And I wanted to make it with viscose jersey - my favourite fabric. Machine washable at home, great feeling on the skin, good stretch for everyday movements like climbing up on a stool to get something from the top of the shelf (no problem to spread legs apart, like the way you do in trousers, but you can still stay elegant :) - considering all those facts, I believe that it is a perfect material for the dress. Plus, this fabric has Öko-Tex Standard 100® certification, which is an independent testing and certification system for textile and examines harmful substances. The certification gives me a little peace of mind, while I'm wearing it & also hanging it in my closet.

The result became something between loungewear and evening dress and I found it very practical. I always bring one or two dresses with me on holidays, and wear it for day activities like shopping, exploring city or picnic on beach, and also for a dinner or evening event with some bold accessories.

Replicated 1930's Dress "Series #1" in Olive Beige colour see  more

Replicated 1930's Dress "Series #1" in Olive Beige colour see more

Please find the Series #1 dresses here. Available in 5 colours & 3 sizes. Also on Etsy.

Thanks for reading & hope you will have a chance to enjoy the elegance & comfort of the dress soon!

Hello! Introducing Replica. - A New Project from MOGA Berlin

Hello old friends & new friends!

For those of you who know MOGA Berlin shop in Berlin, I'm very happy to meet you again!

For new friends, MOGA Berlin was a vintage fashion store which was specialized in the 1920's-1930's fashion, and I'm excited to introduce my new project to all of you!

Replica. is a reproduction project of vintage dresses, which is inspired by MOGA Berlin's collection. After some experiences in my shop, I came up with the idea to replicate vintage dresses, because some customers asked me if I have different sizes or colours. Well, of course, I only had vintage pieces, which are all unique, so my answer was always no... and I wished if I could give them their wished sizes & colours. Another reason I started this project is that many of my vintage pieces are nearly 100 years old and need special care. Even I love the design of the dresses, they are more for special occasions only, so I wanted to make them easier to care & more accessible for everyone. 

It took quite a while for me to realise the project, maintaining the pattern, choosing right fabric, building a shop system etc etc... but here I am!

I hope you will like my first product and am looking forward to sharing more stories here with you!