Juri Kobayashi


Event Organizer

born in Tokyo, studied Media Art at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and Fashion & Styling at Amsterdam Fashion Institute in Amsterdam.

She has been working in fields of product/interior design, fashion and art, both in Tokyo & Europe over 10 years.

In 2010, she moved to Berlin, Germany, where she currently works as a coordinator for design projects, as well as a fashion & prop stylist. After a maternity leave, she will be back to work from April 2018.



2015 llot llov installation "Glowing Garden" at Parco Fukuoka Shinakan

project management for the installation & workshop


2014 llot llov "OSMOSIS" exhibition at BAtoMA Information Tokyo

project management for the exhibition & workshop


Past :

Event Organization

2005-2010 DesignTide Tokyo

2008 Heath Nash & Hannah Lobely Commission Art Works & Workshop for ECO-ART Project for AEON Laketown (AEON Co., Ltd. )

2006 ABEST (The Association Of Brazilian Fashion Designers) Tokyo

Exhibition Coordination

2008-2009 DMY Berlin at DesignTide Tokyo

2007 Simon Heijdens installation at DesignTide Tokyo

2007 Sarah van Gameren installation at DesignTide Tokyo

2007 Sylvain Willenz exhibition at DesignTide Tokyo

2007 Joris Laarman exhibition at DesignTide Tokyo

2007 Abake exhibition at DesignTide Tokyo

2007 Moritz Waldemeyer installation at DesignTide Tokyo

2006 Phillip Worthington Installation at DesignTide Tokyo

2006 Max Lamb Exhibition at DesignTide Tokyo

PR & Communication

2009 Canon exhibition “NEOREAL” at Salone Internationazionale del Mobile/Milan, Italy

2008 “PARIS/TOKYO UPGROUND” exhibition with TOKYO-ARTS / Tokyo, Japan

2008 Panasonic exhibition “(standard)3”by Patricia Urquiola and Naoto Fukasawa at Salone Internationazionale del Mobile/ Milan, Italy

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